Service Hotlines: 40086 95575 (Mainland China) (852) 3719 1288 (Hong Kong)Trading Hotlines: 40086 95575 (Mainland China) (852) 3719 1201 (Hong Kong)

  • Trading Channel

    Online Trading Platform:

    Clients can follow the market dynamics and manage their investments easily any time and anywhere with our mobile app and online securities trading platform.

    Specialized Service Hotlines:

    Our experienced securities dealers are always ready to answer your calls and execute your orders rapidly and efficiently.

  • Financing Service

    Over 2,500 securities listed on the Hong Kong and US stock markets and the equities of the Shanghai-HK/Shenzhen-HK Stock Connect eligible for margin trading are offered for your financing. The margin ratio of the specified collateral securities is as high as 80%.

  • Multi-currency General Purchasing Power (GPP) Service

    This service is provided only to our margin clients who may deposit in their margin trading accounts with cash (must be the currency types accepted by our company including but not limited to the Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar and Chinese Yuan) or listed securities (including but not limited to those in any currency types accepted by our company and those are settled in the securities market) so that they may purchase other accepted listed securities with the cash or securities in different and accepted currencies, enhancing their flexibility of funds.

  • IPO Subscription Service

    Our IPO subscription service enables clients to make their orders for IPO subscription on the Hong Kong Equity Market by Internet or phone. And financing service is also available for subscription of specified new equities with a loan ratio as high as 90%.

  • Stock Quote Service

    Both real-time stock quotes and delayed stock quotes are available to serve your needs.

  • Information Center

    Our clients may log_into the Information Center

    at any_time to enquire their account login status (login time), transaction status (transaction record of orders) and other account operations (change of client data, password reset and fund transfer).

  • Currency Exchange

    Our company provides clients with currency exchange services for settlement balances derived on different stock exchange markets. Clients may issue their currency exchange instructions to our company on or before the settlement date and our company will provide the currency exchange services in accordance with their instructions.