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  • Investors are urged to comply with the administration requirements of the PRC on offshore foreign exchange and should ensure that sources of funds are in line with the administration regulations of the PRC on onshore foreign exchange.

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    • Well EstablishedBacked by strong channels, products, human resources and the solid financial strength of GF Securities Group, GF Securities (Hong Kong) has outstanding comprehensive advantages and a robust product line including equities, funds, bonds, insurance, derivatives and other products. Meanwhile, we have won a number of awards owing to our continuous innovation.

    • Client-orientedAdhering to a customer-centric approach, GF Securities (Hong Kong) understands its clients’ needs, focuses on their expectations and strives to maximize their benefits. We put our clients first and always deliver quality services.

    • Technology-drivenGF Securities (Hong Kong) insists on full compliance, manages risks scientifically and effectively, strengthens the strategic deployment of financial technologies, grasps the FinTech trend and utilizes the scientific and technological means to enrich our service channels, improve our product portfolio and optimize our customer services with enhanced quality and efficiency.

    • Wealth SuccessionWith the mission of wealth preservation and appreciation for our clients, GF Securities (Hong Kong) aims to be your reliable wealth steward and assist you in making your fortune with sustainable innovations, diversified, customized and internationalized products and professional service teams!

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